August 4, 2010

Day 3- My Favorite TV Show

Hmm, my favorite TV show. Well,  I used to love Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, and American Idol, but last year they were kind of duds, so they were removed from my rotation. The Office was pretty weak this year, too. I think that makes my choice of my new favorite shows has to be the new shows I started watching this year:


Okay, first of all, have you seen these two?

Seriously, though the show is just well written from a plot development standpoint. I love True Blood, but sometimes it seems like they use gore and sex as a way of developing the plot. Every time I watched this show, I was surprised by the plot twists, and then the last minutes of the finale this year was game changing and awesome. If you like anything vampires, I think this is better than Twilight and on par with True Blood. Don't let the fact that it's on the CW disturb you. Also important- stick around past the pilot episode, which was still trying to find it's footing. Rent or buy the first season and watch it before the next season.

My Second pic is:

Sure, this show has been a little uneven, but the moments of hilarity outweighed that. It's one of the more inventive sitcoms I have seen. Mr. B and I made watching this show an event for us, saving it for Saturday nights to enjoy with a few drinks. I suggest you do the same. Plus, I have a special place in my heart for Chevy Chase since my Dad WAS Clark Griswald in the 80's.

Seriously- Compare: Clark Griswald

My Dad:
These pictures don't even do it justice....

Also, of course I love Chuck, but you already knew that, right?

Thank you to Sass over at Secret Life of Sass and Lex for the great idea. From one Mrs. Bee to another (yep, they are Bee's over there as well), thanks!


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