August 20, 2010

Maroon 5, Doggy Sundaes and Snoopy (Subtitled: I Want to live in My kid's Imagination, it's awesome there)

This morning was a toughie. Why is it that the wine that sounded so great last night made me feel so terrible this morning? Unfair- it was only 3 glasses, good gravy (sorry, I am obsessed with trying to work good gravy into a sentence- did it work there?) I am a lightweight.

The point is I was hurting a little and we were running late. Luckily the imagination of Drew saved our morning drive and reminded why 5 year old conversations are awesome (and ultimately much more fulfilling than adult conversations):

Halfway to school Maroon 5's "Misery" came on the radio.

Drew: You know, I could see Louie dancing to this.

(In case you forgot, this is Louie)

Me: Really?!?

Drew: Yes, I see him dancing around on one toe, twirling around, surrounded by bowls of vanilla ice cream with doggy bones stuck in them.

(I s#$t you not people, that's what he said.)

Me: Wow.  (Pause) That's quite a picture in my head.

(This is the pic in my head)
This dog-

Doing This:

surrounded by "Doggie Sundaes"

Drew: Yep! (Said all smugly) and then I will be like (Breaking into a smug dance the equivalent of the 'Head nod' dance- and Drew can dance, so this looked pretty cool.)

Me: I would love to see that!

Drew: Yeah, I'm a pretty good dancer. So can we bring a CD player outside with this song when we get home?

Me: Yes, we can.

Thanks for the funny this morning, Drew.

** On a side note, this makes me wish I had written down the conversation that I had with Mr. B about monkeys when he was sleep-talking. Mr. B sleep-talks a LOT. That post would be titled: Mr. B is a monkey trainer when he falls asleep


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