January 19, 2011

Signs I May Need a Vacation

Businessman with face pressed against wall, profile, close-up
I am literally the busiest I have been in my life. Between a crazy-overwhelming workload and taking care of a Kindergartner who spends more time being shuttled from place to place than attending school, a Preschooler who goes to a different school, and a neurotic puppy that needs attention all the time, I am stretched thinner than a rubber band. I've tried to remain calm, stoic, but I have no outlet to vent my stress. Recently I have noticed that my lack of relaxation is starting to take its toll on me.  I've started exhibiting odd behaviors:

I went to go get supplies for work, and drove halfway home without thinking about it.

I dialed 9 to get an outside line.... calling my Mom from my home phone.

I sometimes aimlessly wander into the kitchen at work, and wonder why I got there (it usually has to do with going to the printing room).

I've totally started to talk to myself.

I only really want to watch one show right now: "How I Met your Mother", because there are no stressful situations in the show.

I sent an envelope, a bill and NO CHECK to my childcare.

Seriously, I am in need of some palm trees, warm beaches and Corona, stat. Who's with me? And better yet, if you're with me, are you paying?


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