March 16, 2011

Sherlock Bones and The Mystery of the Rotting Food

Food - don't waste itphoto © 2010 Marianne Szeto | more info (via: Wylio)
There seemed to be a string of rotten food that was being found in the Bee house by our Detective Dog, Louie. Every day it seemed he was bringing me a slimy apple, orange, or the like. I couldn't help but wonder, where he was finding all of this food.

I followed him and discovered that he was finding all of these fruits and vegetables under the pedestal of our table. We had a food waster on our hands, but the question was, who was it?

I had my suspicions.
Mr. B had his suspicions.
Louie had his suspicions....
meat or death IIphoto © 2009 Procsilas Moscas | more info (via: Wylio)
.....wait that was just what Louie was hoping to find instead of a rotten banana.

So I confronted Mr. I-hate-all-fruit-and-vegetables himself.

He denied it, of course. I then made a blanket statement to all of the boys: There better be no more food found on the ground or else!
Honestly, I had no plans for or else, but it sounded ominous enough.

Enough to scare Drew the food-waster straight, for a while.

Then one night we had asparagus for dinner. Drew took forever eating his asparagus. As I was cleaning up, I saw he had all of them still on his plate. I turned my back 30 seconds later and voila!

"I'm done!" He exclaimed.

"Really?" asked Mr. B.


"I don't believe you Drew, where are you hiding them?" I said suspiciously.

"No, honest!"

"Oh okay... this is your chance to tell the truth, and I won't be mad. Did you really eat them?" Asked Mr. B.

"Really I did!"

"Okay," I said. "We are choosing to trust you."

Drew jumped up from his chair. As soon as he did that, we investigated, and noticed he had thrown all of his asparagus in a cardboard box that held Mr. B's old hats.

Upon further investigation we also discovered old apples, bananas, mushrooms... basically every fruit and vegetable  he was supposed to be eating this week. The boy is going to develop scurvy.

So the boy got a timeout, a talking to about lying and wastefulness, and a supervised eating of some new asparagus.

After our anger subsided about the lying, my husband and I got some good laughs, I got a blog post, and Louie got a treat for being a super sniffer who hates fruits and vegetables as much as Drew does.


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