March 9, 2011

Thinking of Springing

I've been working on decluttering... our house, my life, my feelings. I'm hoping for a fresh start. People have been asking me if this month has been easier than last month. The answer is yes and no. The past two months have been scary and hard, but I'm confident that one day I will feel like a grown up and be ready to tackle all of my problems..... er, right? With my job more than likely ending, I am at a crossroads and want to make the correct decisions. Lately I've been feeling like I've made some bad ones in the past that I cannot escape. Someone give me a cheat sheet (or a crystal ball), I need the answers!

On a more humorous note:

This family is so ready for spring and ready to be uncooped from our house. It has become a jungle gym in here.
I am also celebrating spring by trying to declutter myself as well. So far 9 pounds down. Unfortunately this only takes care of the "stress eating" that took place this Winter. I am hoping to drop at least 20 more pounds, hopefully by my birthday in mid-May, wish me luck!


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