August 17, 2011

Excess Baggage

'Loaded Jeep' photo (c) 2010, SidewaysSarah - license:
Part of my whole process of trying to find my balance in my life is eliminating all of the clutter in my house. After all, if my house feels unbearably small, the best way to change that, short of moving, is to get rid of stuff. I cannot believe how much stuff we have. It's definitely turned into "baggage".

First of all, I am finally removing all of the baby stuff from our house that I have been holding onto. Yes, we may or may not have another baby, but most of that stuff is gross after sitting in the basement or garage for 4 years, not to mention probably recalled. So I am letting go of that worry. Que sera, right?

Also-- holding onto my larger clothes is not an incentive to keep the weight off. It also doesn't make me feel better about my self and the state of my will power.

So maybe once I remove some of the excess, I will feel better about my state of the house.

What is some of your excess "baggage"?

Also- I cannot forget how the happy meal toys are going to magically disappear....shhhh....It's our little secret right?


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