September 9, 2011

Get Away

Today I leave for a much deserved vacation with my sister, away from the family, from the "Hey Mommy" and following-nose-up-my-butt dog, the job concerns, the curriculum and cub scouts and are-we-signing -up-for-enough-things-for-him and do-we-have-enough-childcare-for-other-him worry-- and going to wine tasting and food sampling. Also hopefully some loud-music-blaring-really-bad-singing, eating-lots-of-bread-and-cheese-and-wine good time.
Oh yeah, and a pesky little 5k that I didn't train for. Through vineyards (yay!) that are hilly (boo!)
'jump' photo (c) 2009, Howie Le - license:
This is what we will look like after the race and after the third vineyard.
I'm spending time with my sister that I have never spent more than an hour child free with for over 6 years. (No, I am not counting our day after Thanksgiving shopping, because I was without sleep and half-zombie.) We might be sharing a bed. I promised to cut my toenails and wear PJ's, so she is in for a treat.

I am hoping... hoping to forget my worries for 3 days... wish me luck!

Also: Mr. B had a splitting headache today... pretty sure it's from freaking out that I am leaving for 3 days for the first time in 2 years. He went to sleep at 8:30pm last night to cope. He is very stressed out about all the new and different pickups for the kids today- wish him luck too!


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