March 20, 2012

25 and Change

Here it is- 25 weeks, 2 days....

Me: TIRED. I feel larger at night so sleep has gotten difficult. Hot. Really, 85 degrees in Michigan in MARCH?!? We don't have our window air conditioner in right now either. Also: nesting. After my next Dr appt in 2 weeks I have them every 2 weeks, so it's getting to be "that time" when crap needs to get done. Mr. B has a list. It's 2 pages. I think I might need to add to it. Also getting nervous about the gestational diabetes test. I had to take the 3 hour last time after I failed the first one, and it was fine, but still! No 3 hour test again please. Also- cankles and swollen finger joints. No more wedding ring, so I have to put on my fakey one or deal with little old ladies disapproving looks as a Mother of 3 LIVING IN SIN.

Mr. B: Excited. Even suggested having a 4th boy to increase his odds of having a child who wins the Masters golf Tournament. Hahahahaha. He's so funny.

Drew: Adorable. Every day it's "How's the baby?" Right now he's sick and at home, which means lots of video games. Unfortunately.

Jacob: Trouble. Seriously, from picking on his brother, to climbing our fence and climbing our towel bare and taking a chunk out of the wall when it came crashing down. He has hit his 1/2 year mark with a vengeance. I hope he can calm down before baby comes....

Louie (dog): Annoying. Has picked up a nasty habit of barking at EVERY. Fricken'. Squirrel.

Baby: Kick, kick, roll. Kicked at the Doppler in the Dr's office. He hates it when electronics are rested on him (He's looking at you, Ipad!).


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