May 6, 2013

The Secret Joy of a SAHM

After dropping one kiddo at the bus and another kiddo being picked up for carpool, I set off on a walk. It was just baby and me, no frustrating dog to worry about. We walked around the lake pond by our house. Little Matt was so enthralled, and sat up straight in his new stroller where he can see out instead of just staring at me and the sky. I knew I was getting close to his naptime, so I tried to hurry.

When we arrived home, I grabbed his blanket and gave him his pacifier and carried him to his room. I sat down in the glider and instantly the boy was asleep. He was so cuddled up and heavy on me. I just felt this complete trust and love from him. I just wanted to take a mental snapshot of everything about that day: the beautiful morning, the nice brisk walk, the fact that I was flushed and rushing him to his bedroom, his silly mustard colored pajamas and that feeling of his total contentment and my feeling like my heart would burst from it. One day I won't remember these little things or these little pockets of feelings, and I want to hold on to them so tightly.

It feels like things are moving at a snails pace some days; they are not.

Even though not every day is easy, I'm very thankful for this time I have alone with Matthew.

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  1. I'm so glad you are enjoying your time with him. They grow so fast, as we both know.



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