March 30, 2007

Are we really doing this again?

It's about this time in the pregnancy that the realization sets in that yes, I am having a baby, and yes, I do get to go through all the pain and suffering that brings. The first trimester is like a bad cold that just sticks, you feel awful, but not so much pregnant, just a little... strange. Now is when it starts to become real. I am showing, a lot (I love in all the books they talk about how your belly might start to protrude a little- ha, definitely those are made for first time mommies), and I know the baby will be coming out one way or another. As infinitely difficult as it is to be pregnant and have a two year old, I can't imagine what it will like after the baby is here. What have we gotten ourselves into? Some days Drew takes up all of our energy as it is. Now I am watching my sisters go through this difficult transition with newborns, and while their babies are lovely and well-loved, I gotta say it ain't always very pretty. Drew is portable, and easily watchable, but with an infant? Not so much. We are busy traveling all weekends, playing outside, and managing a normal life. Do we really want to go back down this road. As my brother-in-law Chris said "I would talk you out of it, but I guess it's too late for that." What a wild ride we are beginning, I hope we are ready.

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