May 31, 2007

It's a....

Love how I tease you like that? How mean. Anyway, much to my surprise, it's a boy! A healthy boy who definitely likes to move. He was actually holding his feet by his head in the ultrasound. I have to say, my reaction was very subdued. I was in shock because everyone (Including myself) thought it was a girl. I didn't realize this, but I think that I was so nervous about the baby being healthy that when everything looked normal, I was fine with whatever I was having. There is a little disappointment, I don't like the thought of never having a girl. That actually does make me sad. But Drew now has a little friend to play with and I will be the Mom of two boys. Never saw THAT one coming. He's a very healthy looking boy, no concerns, everything looked great, and my placenta was in the right place, away from the cervix, (they thought it might have been near the cervix because of all the spotting). Due date is still October 23, so no surprise announcements about how I am farther along than they expected (darn!)

The most wonderful thing about my ultrasound? For the first time in this pregnancy, it feels real. Like my coworker Ian said when I showed him the pictures, "there's like a little person inside of you!" Yes there is. And there is only one way the person is getting out. But that's another time, another blog.

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