July 12, 2008

I Miss.....

...lazy weekends. Whatever happened to those? This is the closest we have gotten to one of those, and still, there is a ton of yardwork and getting ready for a Garage Sale- and yuck I hate Garage sales! We did get to go to Ukai tonight with Shaun's parents (it's a Japanese steakhouse where they cook at your table). The kids loved it, even Jacob (especially Jacob) although I thought he would be scared when they light the fire. Next week is our Garage sale, and then the week after that Lollapalooza! Three nights without my babies and my hubby. I'm sure I will miss them terribly, but I hope not enough ruin my fun.

Okay, must go to watch Meet the Spartans and drink some wine. (The wine is tolerate Meet the Spartans, in case you were wondering.)


  1. So... I'm jealous of you! The three nights away!!! I would love just one night away so I could actually get some sleep. haha He still isn't sleeping well AT ALL! Please give me some advice on how to get him to sleep! lol

  2. I would suggest the Ferber method although you are either a. against that method or b. tried it to no avail. I have been at points a and b at different times with Drew and he just isn't a sleeper. Jacob is a great sleeper on the other hand, and Drew has gotten much better! My only suggestion is to tell you that it will get better! Drew started sleeping better when he had a blanket and grown up pillow in his crib. Hopefully, your next one is a sleeper like Jacob is (he is almost to hour two in his nap-how lucky am I?)

    This is also my first long trip away without the kiddies, so don't be too jealous, I'm sure it will happen for you one day too!



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