July 13, 2008

So peaceful

Everyone in my house is sleeping right as I blog this. It is so quiet. I love it.
Seriously, how adorable is this?

This picture is upside down because I didn't want the flash to go in his eye.

Anyway, Meet the Spartans was as terrible as I knew it would be. We stopped watching after 20 minutes. Those parody movies get worse and worse every year. They just aren't funny, and I can't fake it.
Today it is beautiful outside, although a little windy. I brought out Jacob's fancy new gating system (which we totally never needed with Drew, but Jacob is a wild man, and needs many gates and everything padded so he doesn't hurt himself).Drew wanted to play in it as well, which ended up being "Mommy I want in... now I want out... now I want in...." I did get a very cute picture of them, however.

This weekend gets an A- grade. The minus is for the 20 minutes of Meet the Spartans.

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