December 1, 2008

NaBloPoMo: Look what I Do for my blogging- Picture of the week....

I post a hideous picture of myself because it's funny. Here is what I like to call "Tough Jacob Love", because this hurt like heck, but he was being so sweet, so I let him do it.

The tears are from laughing, I cry when I laugh really hard... and it doesn't take much. My sister put this lovely thing on Facebook, to get back at me for a funny picture of her up on Facebook. I think I one-upped her by putting it on my blog. If she doesn't watch out I will put her funny picture up here as the next picture of the week.....


  1. little one jumped on my head yesterday and decided to pull my hair like they were reins or something he kept yelling "Go mommy, go mommy go" thank goodness my husband was laughing to hard to take a the things we do for love..I think i might have a bald spot....

  2. Nothing like a good head snuggle. My son likes to jam his feet under me when we lay down to go to sleep. Funny thing is that he used to jam his feet between my ribs when he was in the womb... hurt just as much then.



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