December 8, 2008

So I tried something new... Also Blog makeover Contest!

Something different, and I don't know if it was a success or a failure or something in between. Anyway, I hope those that read today's post at least find it somewhat amusing. I will have to out my sister, Amber in the comments who noted that "there is something very very wrong with [me]". I think she thinks that anyway, but I don't know if my last post helped my case.

Ah well... I added a little spot for if you don't want to comment... so if you want to go ahead and click a button, I will have an idea if you liked something (or not) without you having to reveal yourself. It's right down by the comment spot.

Also, if you read this and like this, please follow me. I need the self esteem boost, what can I say?

If you have been reading for a while, you have probably noticed that my blog has changed it's look several times. This is because my template is somehow corrupt and I have been trying to fix it, and no one seems to know what is wrong (and you can't email someone, you have to subscribe to a help forum. Really starting to HATE blogger). So on that note, I am plugging a blog makeover contest that Angela is having over at Bringing Creativity. Because I really would like to have a customized header at least, and her blog is very pretty. I would tell you to enter it, but darn it, I want to win.


  1. Wow, your need for validation has reached new heights!
    Just funnin'...I like the new look(s). The elf, not so much. But that's my issue.

  2. Thanks for the plug! You've been entered twice :) Good luck!



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