April 6, 2009

Liveish Blogging My Saturday (warning: MSU basketball related!)

So two of you many of you asked if I made it home and got to catch up and watch the game live since I had to DVR the first half, so I figured I'd give you the crazy play by play of my day, as best I remember, (which is pretty well). So in a way, this is a loosely done- live blog of my fun filled Saturday, which started with a One year old's Birthday Party and ended with a great win. Here you go:

2:15 pm- Remember at nearly last minute to DVR the MSU game.

2:20 pm- Leave for Birthday party.

2:45 pm- In car. Mr. Bee looks over at me, panicked. "We didn't record the game."

"Oh yes, I did, along with packing, dressing the children and wrapping the gifts. Thanks for all the help," I say sarcastically. Mr. Bee looks sheepish. I immediately feel bad for being so sarcastic. I'm a little tightly wound today.

3:30 pm- Arrive on time for party. We eat cake, and watch the Birthday Boy open presents.

4:30 pm- Change into swimming suits for swimming at the aquatic center, the second half of the party. Drew is pumped.

4:45 pm- Jacob... yeah, not so pumped, but absolutely terrified of the water. I end up holding him and trying repeatedly to get him to warm up to the water for 20 minutes, before I go back and change him into clothes again. Then I hold Jacob and watch everyone having fun.

6:05 pm- Leaving party. Mr. Bee & Bee company are starving. Go through Burger King drive through, get most inept BK employee ever. Have to ask for my drink, toys for kids and we somehow end up with a extra meal. No idea if we paid for it, because he doesn't give us a receipt. No matter, because we are in a hurry speeding toward home.

6:30 pm- "So what do you think is happening right now?" Mr. Bee asks. "We should listen to the game on the radio."

"Don't you want to get the whole experience?" I ask him.

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

7:10 pm- Get home. Turn on TV with my back facing it- just in case the DVR turned to the channel that the game is on (caveat of DVR recording) and score is showing. I hear a commercial, so I turn around and turn on the half-recorded live version. I feel throwy uppy in my mouth, I am so nervous. Or maybe that's the Burger King.

7:30 pm- MSU is down by 5. "Oh it's over," I say and proceed to go get Jacob ready for bed. (I say this a lot when I watch, I figure it's good luck to have low expectations.)

7:45 pm- MSU is only down by one when I come out! Yay! I tell Mr. Bee who is helping Drew, to come out. Mr. Bee says that it's okay if we don't catch up. "But what if they win?" I say. "We will know before the game is over, by people yelling and stuff!" Mr. Bee gives me a yeah right look.

Drew asks to draw on old thank you notes, ones that could possibly be used later, but I let him because I know it will keep him occupied. "Sit at the table and ONLY draw on the paper," I instruct.

8:05 pm- Close to catching up (man there are a lot of commercials to fast forward through) and MSU is ahead! Yes. So excited, I can't even get annoyed when I discover Drew has written all over his hand and arm with a pen.

8:15 pm- Game gets close, and we are almost caught up, and then UConn almost catches up. I start whining about how MSU got my hopes up, and now they CANNOT lose. I'm fun to watch the game with, really, I swears!

8:20 pm- Caught up with 3 minutes left on the clock for the game. Excitement is palpable. Yay- I turn on the computer, ready to speet (sport tweet), all rushed to get some speets in before the game is over.

8:30 pm- Hell yes!! MSU is victorious. Immediately hear shouting outside, cars honking their horns. East Lansing is erupting and we are only on the outskirts. Mr. Bee and I are so pumped, you'd think we played the game! Drew is overly tired and starts whining, but calms down when we tell him to listen for the helicopters swirling over East Lansing.

8:45 pm- Mr. Bee runs up to the store for libations, and I put Drew to bed. I tell him he helped MSU win by cheering them on and wearing his MSU shirt. Suddenly he gets angry. "Mommy, we didn't go a lot of places today, and I wanted to go to a lot of places."

"Well, honey we went to a water park and a Birthday Party. Wasn't that fun?"

"Yeah, but I wanted to go to a lot of places and I only went to one." He starts pouting and looking as if he will cry. I can't even believe him at this point.

"Well," I think about it and realize that arguing with an overtired four year old is NOT a good idea. I come up with my stock answer whenever he is being ridiculous about something. "I am sorry you feel sad about that. Tomorrow is a new day, lets get some sleep."

9:00 pm- Celebrations! And libations!

9:15 ish- Comment on blog from Bookkitten, a UConn fan:


I'm eating crow right now, Janna...just thought I'd let you know...

10:00 am (Sunday) Maybe too many libations. Head hurting.

So there you have it. This has been a great tournament so far, and I am hoping that MSU can pull off another amazing win. I am so proud and happy to be an MSU fan. The team has worked hard and earned this spot. I couldn't be happier for them, no matter the outcome.

And I did kind of predict something big for the team in the tournament. Now I look smart instead of crazy- yay!

Speet you later (9:30 ish?)


Oh, and I promise, less sports talk after tonight.


  1. Remember, UConn is spelled with TWO N's.

    Tonight I'll be drinking Cherrywine with dinner (a drink popular down south), and I'm having Mackinac Island Fudge for dessert in your honor.

    I don't know if I'll be watching the game, though, sadly; I have to be up at 4:45 tomorrow morning. :(

  2. Nevermind the MSU update. I'm still stunned that you only brought your child to ONE place on Saturday :D

  3. What a GREAT stock answer, I will definitely use that one.

    GO HEELS!! GO HEELS!! GO HEELS!! (My husband reported that the WHOLE city was screaming "Go green! Go White!" Don't you guys have a cheer other than using school colors? (: )

    Our differences aside, ENJOY the game tonight and congrats on Final 2!!

  4. This was such a fun post!! I have no clue what game you were talking about but I had a great time reading your play-by-play of the events!!! I totally get the not arguing with the overtired 4 yr old...it happens here all the time too!

  5. I need to get back into sports :)

    Got your CD...rocking out to it.

    Downloaded it to my Boyphone. Gonna take a pic and show it on Friday so everyone can see how I labeled it :)

  6. Catching up on blogging and just read this. Glad you enjoyed that win.

    So sorry, you are not celebrating today(:

  7. You are too funny. That sounded like a BUSY day--I felt myself getting a little wound up by the end of the post. Hooray for MSU, hooray for Asprin the next day!

  8. I'm very happy for you and sad for Bookkitten. May your team continue to do well...I won't know if you don't post about it as I could care less about all this stuff. : )



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