June 9, 2009

On the Run

Yep, those are our shoes. Mine are the second from the left. If you didn't notice, I have almost the same size shoes as Mr. Bee. Size eleven, or on good days, ten. Let the "bigfoot" jokes commence (and just wait until I take a picture of my hands)!

Also notice: my shoes are falling apart. From overuse. I have been working out a lot. A lot of people have said recently how great I look, how I look like I have lost weight. I haven't lost any, not even a pound, since my 6 pound weight loss. It's very frustrating. Of course, I know, muscle weighs more than fat, still I know that the calories I am burning compared to what I am eating should mean I would lose some weight, right? Anyway, for now I am done with South Beach and trying just to have a healthy diet and I am focusing on working out instead.

Even though my shoes are falling apart, the expense of new shoes is not something we can truly afford, as we should be living on essentials and saving money because Mr. Bee has been laid off one week, and will be laid off for another week sometime this summer. There aren't any words on how I feel about this. I find it so disheartening that we struggling so hard and yet getting nowhere. It feels like we are swimming and just barely keeping our heard above the surface, and just when I think we will break free and make it to land, someone puts another weight or burden on us.

Nobody told me being an adult was this hard.

I am glad I never wished away my childhood, like others did. I loved being a kid. In fact on that note, we are celebrating my birthday present this Saturday and going to Cedar Point, just Mr. Bee and me. I know what you are saying- but you can't afford new shoes, why are you going to Cedar Point?

Because sometimes it's important to be a kid again, even for a day. Even if it means you run in janky size eleven shoes.

On a happier note, I got to meet a new little guy, Aiden. He's adorable and smells like baby and coos. It's enough to make me want another baby myself... that is until I get a call from childcare telling me that Mr. Calamity bit another toddler.

Insert cute picture that makes you love Mr. Calamity again.

There, that's better.

PS Still can't wait to meet the other new little guy, Beck. (What's with everyone having boys?)

PSS Thank you to all of you who have been sticking with and reading me even in my funks. I have been very busy and I promise to get back to all soon. I think I should feel pretty refreshed by Sunday. Let's hope, right?


  1. good for you, going to Cedar Point! I love it there and refuse to go to any sort of crappy Six Flags nonsense.

  2. I was actually gonna say that your shoes look small.

  3. Don't ever apologize for going on vacation when struggling, you should always have a little fun every year!!! No matter what. We always did, even when struggling, eveyone needs downtime!
    Losing 6 pounds is great!!

  4. Hang in there. Being a grownup really sucks at times. I'm sure you look just as chic as Paris Hilton who also sports size 11 - stilettos though...My feet are biggish, too and it is always a big letdown when I see the shoes in my size - as opposed to the size 6 models..

    Enjoy your trip!!

  5. Oh how I have missed you! I have been minding my own neck of the world, going on vacation to visit my mom, sisters and family reunion of sorts. I am sorry to hear about Mr. Bee. I agree with TattoedMinivanMom: your shoes look small. I too am a size 11....thats okay, it keeps me proportional and helps me to reach for things when I am holding the kids.

  6. You know what they say about people with big feet dont you?! They have big brain :)

  7. Cedar Point is just the ticket to bring you out of your blues! I loved going there when we lived in OH! I used to live 20 min from Kings Island and would get the summer pass to go every weekend! lol!

    Have a great time!!!

  8. Just hang in there. Things will get better for you soon. I just know it. How could they not? You seem like a good person who has her priorities in order.

    Have a great time at Cedar Point. You deserve it.

    BTW, I wear a size 10.

  9. My shoes would be alllllllll the way to the right of that picture.

    Let the midget feet jokes commence. :(

  10. Life is too short to be 'grown up' all the time!!

  11. Visiting from BPOTW. Good for you for sticking with your exercise program, even though you're not seeing the results you want. Hang in there and I bet you will soon. Your Mr. Calamity is adorable! So cute. I hope you enjoy your birthday trip to Cedar Point!

  12. I never wished away my childhood either but it still seems to sneak away further and further every year. I am glad to hear another adult admit to feeling frustrated at being an adult.



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