September 8, 2009

I know I'm supposed to get sappy here....

Today is Drew's First Day at Kindergarten, his first day of his first year. (If that is confusing to you, read this.)

On the way to school; When did this kid go from Chandler Bing to a Cheeseball?

At school with his cool backpack.

I could say I am happy, proud, nervous for him, etc.

Really, my biggest thought running through my head is: I hope he doesn't spend the whole day prefacing each noun with the word poop or poopy. (Yes, I would like some poopy water, I want to sit in the poop chair, etc, etc.)

Will update more later.

Updated: PICTURES!


  1. It will be just the beginning of some of the best days of his life!!! And it will be so exciting for you to hear all about it....I bet he wont even be thinking "poop"

  2. It will be o.k.!!! Hang in there:)

  3. i still remember when my nephew's first day of kindergarten was. i got called in to talk to the principal. apparently, my nephew went to the bathroom to take a poopy and when he was finished, started screaming "I'M FIIINIIIIISHED!!!" like he would do at home. the principal had to explain to me that the children have to wipe their own butts. HAHA. amazing.

    here's to hoping you (or drew) don't have a $hitty day. ;)

  4. I am holding my breath for the day my little monster goes.... EEEEee good luck!

  5. My twins started kindergarten today and I was concerned that they will talk about butts all day long.

  6. Now this describes the life of a real mom.

  7. He's going to save all the poop comments for when he gets home. No worries about that!



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