September 29, 2009

Strange things are afoot at the Circle-K

This Month in strange events and funny happenings from around the world, and in the Bee's world....

Awww... Kirk, really? Kirk Cameron's claims about Darwin's theory of evolution being false makes me even more embarrassed that he was my first crush.

Did you know when I would write WTF, I was referring to Wisconsin Tourism? Well, not anymore.

My kids are totally losing in the cutest kids contest. I know what you are thinking- how is this possible? They are so cute! Well, you can vote and change this- on the left hand sidebar of the blog, there is a voting spot. (Jacob is #16 on the baby one, Drew is #8 on the kid one.)

One of my blogging friends looks like a barbie. No, really.

My Nonnie (Grandma) totally schooled one of my Facebook friends:

Did I tell you how awesome my Nonnie is? I hope I am half as cool as her when I am a Great Grandma.

TLC decided to change name of series from Jon and Kate plus Eight to Kate Plus Eight. You have taken a step in the right direction, TLC, by getting rid of the DOUCHE. Now, how about getting rid of the media circus show altogether?

Ellen on Idol? This is late, but what???

Oh yeah, and there is the whole issue of the deer that decided to run into my Bessie. With all the Bees in the car. Luckily no one was hurt, I mean, except the deer.

Don't worry, I bought Ernie to soften the blow.

Hahaha, it wouldn't be funny if it weren't so true. Wait, did I say funny? {Sob}


  1. I would be surprised if they renew Kate Plus Eight next year. I think this might be the end in sight.

  2. Clifford made your blog! Score!

  3. Just stopping in from SITS! I agree with Kate Plus 8. They did remove the douchetasticness that was Jon Gosselin, but not they need to get rid of the show all together so Kate can actually work on rebuilding her family and taking care of her children instead of what deal she's going to get next. I boycott the show. I wish everyone would.

  4. Huge smile on my face :D thx for the linky love!

    I hear Kate also has another show in the works. Just what we DON'T need.

    I'm assuming we can only vote once in the contest?

    Your grandma rocks! Every time you mention her, I find myself saying that, because it's true :-)

  5. Tried to vote but polls are down, I left a comment as my vote, I don't know if it counts, I will try to go back.

    Way to go Grandma!!

    Now, can Grandma figure a way to get Kate booted!!!!!

    Love your RED CAR, red is the fast one!!!! It would have out run the deer right???

  6. I voted for those cuties..

    BTW I never got an email from you.. just makin sure you have the correct email address for me

  7. I totally LOVE your Nonnie!!

    And off to vote for the cutest kids ever (erm, besides mine right? :)


  8. Your grandmas rocks! Good for her!

    And I'm going to vote for your kiddos!

    And Kirk Cameron is just kind of sad.

  9. Nonnie rocks! Good for her for not taking any sh*t from your smartass friend.

    Yeah, I knew Kirk Cameron was a nut when he starred in the 'Left Behind' series, so it was only a matter of time before he started dissing Darwinism.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  10. Seriously I am posting that video---so totally true!!!!!---yet sad, yet funny, oh my....I love my kids but after 4 days of being stuck in the house with sick ones this video struck a cord!!!!

  11. I voted for both of the boys :) Your grandma cracks me up. I saw that on facebook and LOL'd over it. Lovin' the new vehicle!

    The Blogging for Boobs Breast Bash has started!

  12. I just love that scene from Housewives!! Great blog!



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