March 28, 2013

What We Have

It's Spring Break around here.

A lot of D and J's friends are going places. One of his friends told me nonchalantly "we are going to Disneyworld, I think."

The Bees are staying home. My not working, a new baby, and a desperate need for a new roof kept us there.

Sometimes I worry because we are in an affluent suburb that they will feel the sting of being on the lower end of the "normal" income spectrum. It's hard for me to watch as they see their friends going places and doing things we just can't afford.

Then again...

I told the boys we are going to the local Zoo. They are over the moon thrilled. They are excited to all be home as a family.

Never once did they complain about not going on a trip. Never once do they take a fun outing for granted. I can guarantee that my children will never say they are going to Disneyworld nonchalantly.

 J told me that we "don't have a lot of money". This is my fault naturally, as when they want to do something this is tooridiculous/tooexpensive/toomuchsomething, I flat out tell them it's too expensive (along with other reasons). Sometimes this is true, sometimes it's a little bit of a fib, but it stops the begging. "No," I corrected him. "We have just the right amount."

And it's true. Look at all we have.

That being said, we could still really use a vacation. Just keeping it real.


  1. So much love :) that's what counts.

    I often think vacations are over-rated. we were going to go on a cruise but spent the week on our new floor project instead. We will enjoy it for years vs. the 5 days of the cruise.

    plus whenever we travel it usually turns into one big headache. My, I am exuding such positivity ;-)

    1. That's so true, plus with all the bad cruise news, it's made me leery of them (and I used to love them)! I enjoy my new kitchen floor every day, especially how it hides dirt better :)



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