July 13, 2008

When is it too much?

I used to love the show Jon and Kate plus Eight. Loved it, thought the family was so cute. This season however, I've started to dislike it and I realized why.

I noticed that Jon and Kate were doing less working and housework and I heard the rumors why... Jon doesn't work because of how much money they make off the show and going to churches. They have an organic gourmet chef who cooks for them, and people who come and clean and do the laundry. I mean all of this is fine and dandy, but it doesn't make for a good show. If I want to watch people getting stuff for just living their lives, I'll watch Let's make a Deal or something. I liked how "real" their life and struggles seemed and now it all seems fake. Considering I work full time, have two little children, and pay over $1500 a month in childcare with barely enough time to ever write in my blog, let alone go on trips everywhere, I don't like to watch something where I hear someone cry poor me and neither parent is working, paying for childcare, cleaning, or cooking? I mean I know they have 8 kids, but please! They go on free trips all of the time and they have both had plastic surgery (I don't blame Kate for hers, but the hair surgery for Jon? Come on!). This is not a normal functioning family.

But even before the rumors, I was starting to feel the cameras were there too much and the kids need a break. Who can live their life under the cameras and lighting. I mean look at all the spoiled Real World kids. After it is all over they bitch about the 5 months being scrutinized under the camera, and these little children have lived their entire lives under it! It's all the sextuplets know! Drew will be 4 soon and I CONSTANTLY worry about him growing up to live a normal life and being happy. I want to give him every opportunity to do so, and these children, I feel, are destined for failure. Don't get me wrong, I was totally in support of them getting help, and monetary help, but at some point, you are just pimping out your kids. I even worry about putting images on my blog of my children. I never put images of my nieces or nephews for that very reason. I mean, will Drew be mad one day that I wrote about his potty issues, or hurt that at one time, I didn't like him that much? It is a risk I am taking. I worry about this and I don't know if Jon and Kate worry about doing this to their family at all. I don't think they are horrible parents, actually far from it, I think they have just gone a little Hollywood for my taste. They need to come back down to earth and get the damn cameras out of their house.

In case you are wondering, they will be removed from my DVR lineup. Iron Chef America and Design Star are staying, however. (Such a reality-tv junkie at heart!)

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