January 1, 2009

My Favorite Posts

Here is a primer on my favorites. I don't know if they are everyone's favorites but these mean the most to me... In chronological order:

Terrible Twos

Who is afraid of the Big Bad Labor?


My 15 Year Old Self is so Excited....

An Alternate Reality

Our Running Tally

Now Here is Where I Get Sappy

What we do while Shaun is Away

The Bee Family Snowed In/Winterfest Games

The No Return Policy

Drink, Blog, Hiccup

A Note from Mr. Bee (Guest Post)

I Know I'm a Mom Because...

1461: A Letter

Mr. Bee, My Valentine (Guest Post)

Live Blogging My Diet

The Secret Eating Habits of the Bees

Words and Actions

The post that is one big run-on sentence (and promotes serious overuse of the comma)

My (Slightly Embarrassing) Freebie List

Exiled into Pop Culture Oblivion


For Richer or Poorer, In Excrement and Vomit, Until Death do us Part

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